Great job this week Sylvie, it was great to see you again! This week keep working on the paradiddle rudiments, being sure to play them all loud, soft, and with the written accents. When you’re playing them with the accents be very strict about keeping two different height, we want the accents loud and the non-accents quiet. For Chameleon, try working on putting a little more swing into the beat. Whats really going to help is thinking about playing through to the second bass drum note on the + of 3. It started sounding really good at the end of the lesson so keep it up!



Great work today dude! Keep working on these beats from Lesson 13 to get even better at 16th note bass drum patterns like this:

For Put Me Thru keep working on the ending bit, here is the sticking: RLRR LRRL. Remember to accent the second left hand and to keep the rest quiet!