Slurred string crossings

  • chair could be higher. Want your knees to be in line with or lower than hips to support the low back

g major

  • 4th Finger in 4th position higher
  • keep fourth finger round, not collapsed
  • great intonation overall
  • increase tempo

g major arpeggio

  • increase tempo: 6 per bow
  • keep bow pinky down

g minor harmonic

  • Bflat Eflat Fsharp
  • G A Bflat C. D Eflat Fsharp G. A Bflat C D. Eflat Fsharp G
  • Practice plucking with tuner and drone
  • think about fsharp and g being close together
  • Eflat: thinks semi tone lower than in G major. Is a semi tone ABOVE d in 1st position
  • if you feel comfortable, add one note per bow

tennis ball twinkle

  • Work towards a faster rotation. Watch the shape of the rotation in the mirror. This is the shape you want when you take the tennis ball away
  • shifting looks great!

vibrato exercise

  • quarter note = ~50 bmp
  • start with 1st finger on A D G C strings
  • 1-4 oscillations per metronome click
  • tennis ball arm shape, but the thumb is under the fingerboard
  • thumb should not be in use, should not be touching the neck, just loosely and relaxed hovering
  • practice in front of a mirror for wrist+arm rotation
  • should not change hand posture/technique for vibrato

minuet no. 1

  • Dotted quarters within a slur should be even
  • no slowing down for shifts. Quarter note = 82-88 bpm
  • add dynamics
  • memorize
  • repeat and isolation shifts: double stops, slowly, shifting back and forth, drones, open strings. Arm up for shifts


  • half note tied to eighth note = 2.5 beats
  • moth thumb more for extension. Was a bit flat
  • more dynamics
  • increase tempo

invisible target

  • make sure all A’s match
  • pluck with A drone
  • when adding bow check with double stops
  • practice shift to 5th position harmonic. Don;t rest the arm on the cello, don’t raise the wrist. It is 1 tones above G in 4th position

great work see you Aug. 10th at 5:30pm.