Hello, hello everyone! Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving and are enjoying our pumpkin spice weather.



This week we: Started a new song! Very excited to start working on “If I Were a Bell” with you. Here is a link to the sheet music, as well as a video of a performance, and your track.

Recommended minutes to practice: 10 – 15 minutes a day, especially focusing on those dramatic jumps the song has.

How to practice it most effectively: I always recommend listening to the song and singing along, but for this I also really recommend taking the song chunk by chunk and working through the different phrases. Make sure your tuning is clear.


This week we: worked through “Beauty and the Beast” a bit more. The tuning is really starting to improve! The link here is your sheet music. And this link is an instrumental track to practice with.

Recommended minutes to practice: 10 – 15 minutes a day.

How to practice it most effectively: Listen to the original (in this video, the song starts around the one minute mark) and pay attention to your notes. This song has a lot of beautiful up and down melodies and plays around a bunch, so make sure you’re listening and paying attention to the music just as much as you’re listening to yourself.

How parents can help support practice: If you want to perform for your parents – do it! It’s always nice to have an audience as you’re learning and practicing.

Fun little extra: As promised, Mariah Carey for you. Just wait for the note she sings at the 1 minute and 15 second mark – it’ll blow your mind. :) And the last like 30 seconds of the song are ridiculous. Enjoy.


This week we: began working on a new song! I think “Maybe” is going to be a great song for you. :) Here’s the sheet music link for you, and an instrumental track to practice with.

Recommended minutes to practice: 10 – 15 minutes a day. I love hearing how much you sing around the house – keep it up!

How to practice it most effectively: I say this a lot, but listen to the original song to get used to it, and let yourself sing along. Once you feel confident enough, try practicing with the instrumental track.

How parents can help support practice: Watch the movie! I know you were excited to watch it, so please do! It’s so fun. And a great intro to classic musicals.


This week we: dove into working through Intervals and ear training. Great improvement on recognizing the chords. We also worked through some of the harder parts of “How Great Thou Art” and made a great improvement!

Recommended minutes to practice: 10 – 15 minutes a day. Keep practicing the song, but also make sure you’re exploring your intervals a bit more. It’s important you practice recognizing them to make it easier for you in future, and to improve your skill for your audition.

How to practice it most effectively: When it comes to your song, be sure you’re practicing the song using the techniques we worked through today – be sure you’re planting yourself, breathing from your stomach and using your power to follow through with your notes, like throwing a baseball. Great work on finding those higher notes today. Keep them light as you did today! For your ear training, challenge yourself. There are a number of “Interval Practice” videos on YouTube to explore and try out. Give ‘em a go.

How parents can help support practice: Encourage him to not give up. I know that we can sometimes worry that the we sound or look funny when we’re singing, but I can guarantee, it’ll always help. Let him have his space when he’s practicing so he can push himself to do everything we’ve spoken about. :)


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