Hope everyone’s Thanksgiving weekends were lovely and restful :)


Amazing work putting My Heart Will Go On together. Work on connecting the top of page 2 to the chorus now. You can also start thinking about playing the RH louder than the LH so the melody really shines through.

Recommended practice: 25-30 minutes


On Playful Snakelets, practice the overlapping passages “beat to beat”, meaning you stop on each (half a beat in this case because it’s in 2/4) and then play from that stopping point to the next one, and so on. The overlapping, cascading passages will need the most attention in this piece. Great work!

For Melancholy Reflections more hands seperate work this week. Focus on the 3rd line, and the last 2 measures the most this week. Maybe some of the theory work we did today can seep into this piece and you can make the connection of what triads you’re playing!

Recommended practice: 25-30 minutes


You’re working on Let’s Waltz, the first 8 bars. Remember a waltz goes STRONG-weak-weak for it’s beats, so whatever the melody is should be louder than the little “bup-bup” that comes on the weak beats. Keep that legato melody line nice and satisfying and smooth!

You’re also working on your G Major and minor 5-note scales. Same as always, do them hands seperate, legato, and staccato.

Recommended practice: 20-25 minutes


You’re working on In the Hall of the Mountain King. The melody can have a detached touch, remember the recording we listened to? It’s very plodding, like footsteps. The LH going tonic-dominant constantly is necessary and cool, but definitely not the star of the show, so it shouldn’t be so loud and clunky it takes over the whole piece. Keep it light.

You mentioned you practice triads last year, want to refresh all the ones you know and show me next week? We can fill out a chart of what you already know and then learn new ones!

Recommended practice: 25-30 minutes


Missed you this week. I look forward to reuniting next week with your new book!


Missed you this week. I look forward to reuniting next week with your new book!