Hey all!

Hope you’re enjoying the fall weather today.


So nice meeting you today! And great work today.

How long to practice: I’m not giving you a specific time. Just mess around on the piano and have fun this week!

What to practice: Keep practicing your fingers. Remember, your thumb is number one, your pointer finger is number 2, your middle finger is number 3, your ring finger is number 4 and your pinkie finger is number 5!

How to practice it most effectively: Right now, use the piano, play around and have fun! <3

How parents can support practice: I would love if you could quiz her occasionally on her finger numbers! And please consider getting her this book for her practice.


How long to practice: Approx 15 mins a day.

What to practice: Lord, I Left…. Please count the song and practice singing along with the song. So important you have a good concept of the song for next week. Also experiment with O Canada for your audition.

How to practice it most effectively: Look at the sheet music! Write out your counts! Practice every day.

How parents can support practice: I know we hate when our parents tell us what to do, but it would be really helpful if parents could remind you to practice. I’d also love to recommend a family movie night! There are so many great music movies you could watch together. Barnaby and I were discussing Singing in the Rain earlier today. It’s a classic.




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