Hello Team,

A few words about checkouts that are important.

Cheques and Checkouts

As you recall from the GM, checkouts are mandatory beginning this month.  Your checkouts will need to be up-to-date on ABC Online at the end of each month, in tandem with your legacy invoice submission (deadlines still apply), or cheques will not be written.

Checkout Deadline

Since the checkouts are going to replace the invoicing system in the new year, deadlines will be changing.  No firm decisions have been made on that yet, but likely the last day of each month will be the deadline to have everything made up to date.  On the odd occasion that there is a technical problem with checking out, there will be some flexibility on this, but you will be responsible for being proactive to  indicate it when the issue comes up, not days or weeks after.

The system is proving totally accurate, which is excellent, and it will just mean that I can sit down on the first of the month and write you cheques (as long as you are all checked out).

Subs, non-ABC Subs and Checkouts

When we use as a substitute teacher from ABC, we will simply drag-and-drop your appointments to that teacher. When using a substitute teacher that is not from ABC, you should leave those appointments un-checked out.  So any time there is a substitute that is not from ABC, just leave those appointments as-is. They will turn brown, indicating a no-show, and that’s fine.

If you are in ABC sub and are substituting for another ABC teacher, then you will see those appointments appear in your schedule.  As with any regular appointment, you should check those out.  This will assure that your invoicing is accurate, including the lessons you’re teaching for the other ABC teacher.


Let me know as there any questions about this. Thanks!