Hello Everybody!

We hope you are as excited as we are about starting Tambourine this weekend! Your classes resume at their regular times starting Saturday.

Take a moment and download/print the class schedule. There are two long weekends, but we do teach on Easter Monday. Be sure you are aware of off days.

The ABC teaching team hosted a Songs & Skills Workshop last week. These SSWs, as we call them, are official Music Together teacher training events that are taught by a Music Together trainer that comes up from the US and spends a full day with teachers from the region. In the morning an academic or skills topic is presented and discussed, and then the full collection of songs is workshopped in the afternoons!

In short, we are ready to go!

Welcome Priya!

Priya is one of our core music lesson teachers, who has recently completed her Music Together Teacher Training, and who will be apprenticing this spring. Watch for her at Oakwood and Wychwood!

Our apprenticeship involves video recording in week 5 & 10, which is for internal use only, at this time.

Important Note: New Books

Firstly, please remember to pick up your new books in your first class this week; The blue family music book, and the bi-lingual English-Spanish booklet. Secondly, we are still strongly encouraging you to use the bi-lingual recorded music as your primary source of listening. This is an excellent layer of language enrichment, which your child will assimilate.

Lastly, your blue books will have a ‘scratch-off’ to reveal your download code (not present in the bilingual booklet). These have proven of poor quality and will be upgraded or dispensed with in the future, but for now, please take care when scratching off the coating – it is recommended to use a credit card, and it has been suggested that starting in the middle and working outward is effective. If you cannot get this code, please email [email protected] to get a fresh code.


As you know, we have stopped giving out CDs. In the event that you want or need one, we have a very limited stock of them. Please call the office to make the request, and we’ll get one to you!

Summer & Fall Registration

As usual, we will be asking about your summer and autumn plans starting in the second week of May. We’ll email you details in advance of this, so you can make the best decision for your family.

For Summer, we’ll have two options: The full summer (8-9 weeks), or a pass for part of the summer (6-7 weeks). More on that as it is finalized. Billing for Summer will likely occur in July and August on the regular monthly schedule.

For Fall, we’ll ask you about whether you would like to book your class, and then bill you for the first month of Fall (October) to reserve your time.

New Location

We’ll have a new class location to tell you about soon, we hope!

Is your child turning 4 this year?

If your child is turning 4 between now and the end of October, it is time to think about Rhythm Kids. Rhythm Kids, is Music Together’s next step in music education for young kids.

Using a hybrid of familiar songs and new music that dives deeper into the best of world music, children take the next developmental steps, incorporating the changes in their lives around them to embrace structured activities, games, dance, larger instruments, and pre-literacy skills.

Call us to find out more, or visit the Rhythm Kids page of our website for song and video samples.