Recital time is coming! Sunday May 5! This is a wonderful opportunity to experience performing in a supportive environment of other students just like you and their parents. I encourage all my students to take part .


We have a long list of repertoire to work through! Wonderful start on Sound of Music already, feel free to have a listen to the original song from the movie and sing along, let’s get this memorized in a couple weeks, it is a perfect fit for your voice so should feel sweet and easy to sing. We are also starting on Papillon, tu es volage, an equally sweet and easy sing for you! Bohemian Rhapsody will go on the back burner for now until we build up your technique a little more. Tone production and placement is the focus of our attention in these next weeks. The easiest and most helpful exercise for you was lip trills on ascending/descending scales.

We have not done piano the last two weeks, you are a great student for he piano, let’s consider the idea of adding a separate lesson for piano, if you want.


Miley we made AMAZING progress today, bravo! Sometimes the way is rocky but sometimes we experience a breakthrough and today was certainly a breakthrough for singing gently without pushing or wobbling and singing into the upper range without cracking. I am very proud and happy for you. We will focus Fr the next several weeks on repertoire that encourages a gentle approach to vocalization and use this time to build her technique so that in time we can revisit other styles with more confidence and secure technique. New song! Colours. This song is perfect for helping her and fits her voice so well. A reminder to please purchase the Preperatory Level of the RCM Resonance series for Miley at your earliest convenience. She can prepare for an exam with it and do very well. In Colours, sing gently while still with feeling to shape the phrases and bring out the words we underlined together.