Hi all!

Light week this week!

Maleeya – You’re continuing to work on Ice Cream truck – work with a metronome to keep your tempo even!  You’re also working on learning the Grand staff, and the difference between the treble and bass clefs.  Review the information in your book and in your notebook, and work on the Middle C piece, identifying when to use your RH and when to use your LH.  10 minutes practice daily.

Arjean – We’re working on hearing the roots of the chords in How Deep in the Ocean.  Use the resources I’ve uploaded to your google drive folder to practice hearing and singing them!  For warmup, you can work on I Sigh to Sing – making sure to be very accurate with the pitches (especially the second note of Sigh), and making sure to keep your [a] vowel nice and tall!  20 minutes practice daily.