Hi all!

Christopher:  It was lovely to meet you today!  You’re working on opening to a lovely hand position on the piano (blooming fingers) and touching the keys with your fingertips (ok fingers).  Try forming that hand position on the piano, but you can also practice it on tabletops or desks.  Remember, you want your knuckle where your fingers meet your palm to be the highest point in your hand, like you’re holding an orange or a ball underneath.  Parents, you can monitor this practice.  Past the hand position, continue to experiment at the piano!  Have fun.  10 minutes a day practice.

Maleeya:  You’re working on The Wishing Well, Mary Had a little lamb, and Chugging Trains.  Your goal this week is to focus on the music, not your hands.  Practice transitions from LH to RH by playing the last bar of one, and the first note of the next bar.  Use a metronome to keep time!  In Chugging Trains, you’re going to 1. Add missing bar lines; 2.  Circle all of the whole notes, and; 3.  Finish writing the counting underneath!  10 minutes practice a day.

Paula:  You’re working on I Dreamed a Dream.  Use the resources in your Google drive folder to help you with notes and rhythms.  Watch for the [a-i] diphthongs – remember to always sing through the first vowel in a diphthong!  Watch your mouth in a mirror – don’t let tongue, teeth or lips move until you are ready to release the vowel!

Olivia:  You’re working on Fight Song – and especially the rhythms.  Use the counting exercises we’ve been doing to help you isolate the rhythms in the melody, and clap and count these before you try singing them.  You’re also working on Rhythm sheet #3 – write in the counting underneath each bar! 20 – 25 minutes practice a day

Arjean:  You’re finishing up with I Can’t Help Falling in Love with you this week, and next week you’ll begin How Deep is the Ocean.  On I Can’t Help, remember to sing with a good supported sound – firm belly singing!  You can use biofeedback to figure out if you are consistently firming the belly with singing – one hand on your belly to feel for relaxation on incoming breath, then feel the abdominal muscles engage at the onset of singing.  Work towards clean articulation, and observe breath markings.  Don’t sacrifice sound for the breath, though!  20 – 25 minutes practice daily.