Hi all!  Reminder, no lesson next week – March break!

Mia:  You’re working on the same tunes as last time.  Make sure to notice if the music is moving up or down, and if it’s moving by a step or a skip!  Use the additive method to practice tricky sections – one bar plus one beat, one bar plus two beats, etc. 15 minutes a day practice.

Kayla:  You’re working on Wrist, forearm, fingertip and Cat back.  Use the CD tracks to play along with!  5 – 10 minutes a day practice.

Paula:  You’re working on the last section of Footloose.  New tune next week:  Honeysuckle Rose!

Olivia:  Full voice page – full review!  Music Theory booklet -finish.  I Sigh to Sing – work on singing first pitch accurately (so -do’-so-mi-do) and keeping vowels tall.  Keep firm belly throughout singing.  On Fight song, make sure that your vowel and consonant choices actually sound like the English words you’re trying to say.  Keep working on being rhythmically accurate, and not rushing through rests and long notes. 20 minutes practice daily.

Arjean – Pa-da-it exercise up to 100 this week!  Keep Like A Lover light without sounding breathy – keep your belly firm during singing.  Work to encorporate [u] lips when approaching the [r] consonant in the music.  Watch the couple of note inaccuracies that are occurring, and use the resource to fix the “as you let it play” intervals (it happens three times in the music!). You pick the next tune!  20 minutes daily practice.