Hi all!  Nice to see you today!

Mia – working on additive practice this week, as outlined in your book. Isolate the problem, then slowly add one note after, or one note before etc.  Make sure to identify whether you are moving by step or skip!  New song this week – Rock song.  Harmonic intervals (two notes played at the same time).  15 minutes a day practice.

Maleeya – You’re working on keeping your hands in playing position and focusing your eyes on the music.  Use a metronome to keep a steady beat – you can find apps for your devices or use www.metronomeonline.com.  Two pieces this week – FGAB song and Mary Had a Little Lamb. 15 minutes a day practice.

Andre – new song this week!  Use the Frank Sinatra recording of Fly Me To The Moon as a model – try to copy his stylistic elements to learn the new musical language of swing!

Arjean – You’re working on Can’t Help Falling in Love this week.  You’re going to practice this with vowels only – watch out for the diphthongs!  Also, when practicing it with text, make sure to finish your words with final consonants, but gently.  Don’t forget about Pa-da-ti!  20 minutes practice a day.