Hi everyone! Nice work this week. Please have a look at these practice assignments and keep it up! As I write this, I am listening to this fantastic drum solo, check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJ3ZRsKd-GI

Ella- This week, I’d like you to practice an exercise called the Table of Time. Basically, set your metronome to 50, then play quarter notes. After about 10 seconds, move to eighth notes. Every ten seconds add one note per beat. This video will help explain. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gx5oTmj5hVg In addition, keep practicing the Beirut beat slowly, and try to work it up to tempo this week. You have the rhythm and feel down, now just just needs some speed.

Eric- This week, learn the entire Lesson 4 sheet. I know you know how to read and understand it, so if you practice a bit every day you will get it no problem!

Jonah- This week, try to come up with 3 very different beats. Remember you can use all the instruments in the drum kit in any way you like. Also, keep practicing our calls and responses, especially the new ones!

Sylvie- This week, please write 4 more beats. Use these to practice improvising fills like we did in the lesson. Play 3 bars of beat, then 1 bar of fill, then straight back into the beat. For Xylophone, keep doing Teoria online, and practice scales on the piano. We are now up to C, F, G, B flat, and D.

Koel- Finish up Lesson 4 and Back in Black. If some parts of Back in Black are tricky, that’s fine. Try to work through them by listening to the song and trying to make sense of the way it is notated. Most importantly, just listen to it a bunch to understand the form of the whole thing.

Samson- Please practice Lesson 4 this week, with the goal of completing it. I’m confident that if you practice routinely, you will get it!!

Have fun practicing, and I will see you all soon!