Hi everyone, please take a look at these practice assignments for next week.

Jack- Please look at the Lesson 3 application as well as Lesson 4 1-12. Writing in the counting will help you understand how to play the beats.

Jonathan- Please take a look at Swing Sheet C and try to pick up as many of the beats as you can. Also, please take another look at pages 14 and 15 of Miller using routine 5.

Harry- Listen to the Wii song a lot and learn to sing the entire melody. Try learning more by ear and see if you can figure out the entire thing.

Sam- Look up some tutorials about the use of Garage Band, there are thousands online. Play different melodies as you learn and try new instruments, and save them all. If you can, try to put together a song before next week.

Ali- Practice playing 16th note paradiddles between the kick and snare while keeping consistent eighth notes on the hi-hat. Also, take a look at Lesson 6 and work your way through it.

Thanks a lot for your focus today, have fun practicing!