What to practice: Aura Lee, dexterity exercises

Recommended practice time: 10 minutes daily

Tips for effective practice: Use Surf Rock as a warm up to get comfortable alternate picking and switching between strings. Once you’ve comfortably played this tune a couple times beginning to end hop to Aura Lee and take your time piecing it altogether. Identify all the notes once, and keep track counting your beats as you play.



What to practice: Chords + Worried Man Blues

Recommended practice time: 10-15 minutes daily

Tips for effective practice: Start by playing the chord exercises with the simplified chord voicings (1 finger). If/when this is easy, try the full chord forms. When switching between the C and G7 chords look for patterns, and try to move your 2nd and 3rd finger as one unit!



What to practice: Chords

Recommended practice time: 10-15 minutes daily

Tips for effective practice: Look for patterns and similarities between the chords , seeing them as shapes which switch from one to the other. Also pay attention to fingers that maintain their shape/relation to one another across chords. Can you move them together simultaneously?



What to practice: Trooper, Black Dog, No Bullets Fly.

Recommended practice time: 15+ minutes daily

Tips for effective practice: Chunk! Break up No Bullets Fly into smaller more palatable pieces, chunking the D chord section, and G chord section, before finally combining them. Apply this to the intro as well as the chorus being sure to instill proper fingering as you go!



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