Hello Everybody!

We are just about ready to start booking summer and fall registrations.

We’ll be calling you and asking you about both.

Billing for your first month of fall (October) will be charged at the time of re-registration, and summer classes are billed in July and August.

Summer classes days and times will be sent in a separate email. They come with some flexibility, so you can plan on doing all the classes, or pay for a flexible pass that covers less than all of the summer. You will get all of the materials regardless of which option you choose.

There will be a short window of opportunity to keep your class day and time, after which it will be open to change, or fresh registrations. We’ll update you on this date range shortly.

Questions Upon Questions

We’ve had a lot of change and interesting things in our classes this year, so we’ll be sending you a survey to do. We’ll try to keep it to 10 questions or less, and hope that you will help us understand how we are doing, and what you like or dislike!

Thank you, and more very soon!