Warm up : scales G, D, A and E major, 1 octave , contrary and parallel motion, triads

By memory : Erie Canal – sounds great!

Sword dance – changes in the second half / RH (melody) 1 octave transposition

Review : On the bridge at Avignon

(practice time : 15 minutes a day)


Warm up : C and G major scales and triads, HS/HT

Review : Dance with Frankenstein

Famous people – have your position ready (C major)

By memory : Alley cats choir – sounds great!

(practice time : 10 minutes a day)


Warm up : Scales C, G ,D, A and E major, HS/HT

Review : Spanish Caballero – arpeggios evenly, make sure to overlap the pedal, middle section have the LH chords ready

(practice time : 15 minutes a day)


Warm up : C, G, D major scales and triads

Review : Dance of the Irish – sounds great! (you can slow down while turning the page)

(practice time : 15 minutes a day)


Warm up: scales C, G, D and A major, parallel and contrary motion, HT

Review : All I have to do is dream – try slower tempo,

Howl to the moon – sounds great!

In progress : Olympic procession – add pedal, have LH chords and bass notes ready

(practice time : 20 minutes a day)