Thanks a lot, I had a great time and saw some good improvement today!! Just a reminder, next week you will be with Robert Kursch-Spring, another fantastic drum teacher at ABC. He will be all caught up on our progress together, and ready to keep moving forward.

Ella- Minutes: 30
What to practice: Drag exercises 1 and 2, Should I Stay or Should I Go
How to practice: For the drags, play them without feet and get them sounding good, thern add in your feet one at a time. Use a metronome at a slow comfortable tempo to keep your time in check. For the song, work on timing the very first note a few times before moving on. Then work on transitioning between all the beats. From this point, just work on the fills a bit, and you’ll be ready to play the whole thing! By the end of the week, you should be able to play it straight through. Think of a new song you’d like to play after you’ve nailed this one.

Good work today, practice hard show Robert your best!!!



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