Hi everyone! Thanks a lot for working with me the past two weeks, it has been a blast! Let’s show Jonny how well you’ve been doing when he’s back this week.

Aidan– Minutes: 30
What to practice: Jazz ex. 2 with snare shifting the beat (the way jonny wrote it out) Bossa nova beat
How to practice: Slowly!!!! The jazz stuff is working out fine, just keep at it and the coordination will become easier. For the bossa nova, take it in small chunks, then glue them together. I have no doubt that you can nail that for next time.

Will– Minutes: 30
What to practice: Paradise beat with hi hat open on all offbeats. Jonny’s written out open hi hat beats with hi hat only played on the offbeats.
How to practice: Start slow, and if you have trouble, do it in small chunks then put them together. If you get this all down quickly, try playing fills and going back in to the beats.

Oscar– Minutes: 45
What to practice: Tom Sawyer before 7/8 section slowly with 16th notes on cymbal, then at tempo with 8th notes on cymbal. Learn 7/8 part.
How to practice: Start slow and build up. I recommend doing the exercises we talked about to speed up your single strokes. Over all you’re definitely able to play the music, just have to work up the speed muscles a bit.

Alexy– Minutes: 30
What to practice: Syncopated kick beats
How to practice: Play them one at a time. If you have trouble with one, slow it down and break it into chunks, then put the chunks together. Once you’re able to play them, practice putting in a fill and switching to the next beat.

Nathan– Minutes: 30
What to practice: Triplet fills as written, with feet keeping time. Be able to play the song all the way through for Jonny.
How to practice: Work on those fast triplet fills playing along with the track. Then loop them alone, and add feet (kick on 1 and 3, hats on 2 and 4). Play through the tune a few times so you can come in and rock it for Jonny. I imagine you’ll be done with this one pretty soon so maybe start thinking of what song you want to do next.

Nate– Minutes: 30
What to practice: Feb 21 beats
How to practice: Look at the beats I wrote out in your book under Feb 21. Practice them nice and slow, then increase the tempo. When you’re comfortable, try playing fills and going right back into the beat.

Thanks again everyone, it has been great to spend time with you all!!! I hope you have an excellent week, and I hope to see you all soon!



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