• Please bring all of your sheets (music, practise log, etc.) to our next lesson.
  • Play the A-major scale, ascending and descending, with your hands an octave apart. Don’t look at the instrument; look in front of you, as if you were reading music.
  • Practise the snare drum exercises for your test. Play them along to a metronome at the speed you’ll be playing at during the test. Spend an equal amount of time practising them without a metronome; this will prepare you for what it will actually be like during the test. Remember the accents!


  • Practise the 2 drum beats to No Problem, but back-to-back. So, you go straight from the first drum beat to the second. You’re essentially looping a 2-bar pattern. Play the ride cymbal with your right hand instead of the hi-hats.


  • Play the 6 drum beats on the “More Beats!” page at metronome=120. If you need to start slower for some of them, follow the instructions from last week (i.e., start at metronome=70 and increase it by increments of 10).
  • Pick a different drum beat from the “More Beats!” sheet each time you practise. Play the drum beat 3 times and on the 4th time, play a drum fill. The fill can be anything you want! Repeat over and over again.
  • Once you can play the beat while looking at the page, stop looking at the page!


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