• Play the verse beat to “Should I Stay or Should I Go” along to the entire recording.
    • 1st time through: only play the bass drum part
    • 2nd time through: play the bass and snare parts
    • 3rd time through: play the bass, snare and hi-hat parts


  • Play the hard drum part to Back in Black that we worked on (2:50 in the recording).
  • It’s okay to start slow.


  • Play all 8 written beats at metronome=100.
  • Start slow (around metronome=70) and when you have mastered that, bump up the metronome to 75 or 80, and then a little more, etc. until you reach metronome=100
  • Continue to practice your rudiments.
  • I was originally going to show you a video of some old drummer but this drummer is closer in age to you (11 years old!) and I thought might be more inspiring.