Eliana (Lesson link)

Recommended Practice Time: 10 minutes daily

What to Practice: Rise Against – Savior

Keys to Effective Practice: Experiment with how you want to mute the strings, maybe it’ll be with your index, maybe your thumb, some people do this with their middle finger even! Whatever works for you is what works best, which is why there are so many different ways of doing the same thing. Some of this will simply come with time. You may be practicing it for a while, getting the rhythm and the notes pegged down and one day it really might just click with the noise-reduction. For now aim to do your best with that, but definitely get the rhythm and notes down, and keep at it every day. You can already do it in some positions, getting it in the others will be a matter of stick-to-itness, which you can and will do! There’s 2 video references in your homework dropbox to help you with the rhythms. One is just the tricky part to play along with, and the other is more of an overview with the version we were playing, as well as a slightly trickier version that is on the album (which who knows, you may find to be easier!). I also attached a file showing the strumming pattern in case a visual reference helps, which it often does for me.

Good work Eliana, you’re consistently making progress. Can’t wait to see where you take this!

Aarna (Lesson link)

Recommended Practice Time: 5-10 minutes daily

What to Practice: Cream – Sunshine of Your Love; intro riff to Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple.

Keys to Effective Practice: Use the video in your dropbox folder for reference, practice playing through both the intro riff to Sunshine of your Love as well as the Chorus. Do both separate at first then once you’re comfortable with that you can string it all together and play the song all the way through. Focus on having a light touch in both hands, especially when sliding the chorus power chords around, you’ll find it significantly easier this way!

Good work Aarna!

Aarnav (Lesson Link)

Recommended Practice Time: 5-10 minutes daily

What to Practice: Deep Purple – Smoke on the Water

Keys to Effective Practice: You already have the rhythms and notes down for the intro riff, so to make it a little cleaner try to be as light with both hands as possible (strumming lighter, and fretting lighter). You’ll find in the long run this will make moving around a lot easier! Use the video reference to play along to know you’re on track. Really put some time in on the verses and on the chorus. It will come! Also, use the dots on your guitar neck as a guide to help track where your fingers are going, it’s what they’re there for!

Great work as always Aarnav!

Simon (Lesson Link)

Recommended Practice Time: 5-10 minutes daily

What to Practice: Ain’t Misbehavin’ – Fats Waller

Keys to Effective Practice: As we get more into shell voicings and jazzier chords, taking a bit of time to focus on using the right/specific fingerings will make ones life significantly easier overall. They may be a bit awkward at first, but look at how some of the notes between one chord and the next are the same, and plant your fingers in such a way as to keep them consistent. The less movement, generally speaking, the better! Keep digging into the melody and playing with a swing feel as you did. The only thing on that front I want you to work on is making more use of the other strings of the guitar versus playing up and down a single string. It can be intimidating at first because it’s a new depth, but you’ll find with a little time other parts of the neck will become recognizable and more at home.

Keep up the effort Simon!