Hello Everybody!

As you will have noticed over the last week, there’s been an uptick in our emails to you as a result of the current health situation.

You can expect this to continue for our part for a little while as we work hard to deliver you resources and experiences that continue your Music Together enjoyment during this very strange time.

Today, we have two free mini classes from our friends and partners at Amici School of Music: Michelle, Leigh-Ann, Leah, Meher, & Beste. It is amazing that they have shared this with us, and we are so grateful. The music is from the STICKS collection, so you should be familiar with it!

PASSWORD: Amicisticks
video 1: https://vimeo.com/399194153
video 2: https://vimeo.com/399190132 

What’s Next?

We are likely going to host a Babies class at the end of the week, and will update you on that.

In terms of regular classes, our current earliest start date is April 18th, with a fallback date of two weeks later, should we need to extend.

That being said, we will also be taking a serious look at video delivery of our classes for the spring, which we have already been doing this week for our private lessons. There are a number of pieces of the Spring puzzle still moving around, but you can be sure we have some plans already, and others that are forming.

We will deliver the latest news to you as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions, please call Barnaby in the office at 416-651-7529. Things are a bit hectic, but we’ll get back to you ASAP. You can also follow our Facebook and Instagram profiles online, which will have information posted as it becomes available.

If you are stuck and looking for something to do, try our free Kids Activity Guide, full of useful activities and educational resources for Kids on rainy days, or in our current situation.

More soon!