Hi Everyone,

Here are your assignments for this week:

Recommended minutes to practice: 10 min/day

What to practice: C major Scale, Barring, Slides

How to practice it most effectively: Try the scale with a metronome, try playing every 2 clicks at 60, 80 and 100. For a challenge try one note per click or try moving the speed faster. Keep going on the barring. For sliding try one fret at a time at first, then try the same thing for 2 frets.


Recommended minutes to practice: 5 min/day

What to practice: Try finding 5th fret and 7th fret with the dots on your guitar. 5th fret is the 1st dot and 7th fret is the 2nd dot.

How to practice it most effectively: Count up the frets to find notes but also use the dots on top to find the notes.

How parents can support practice: Try setting aside a few minutes a day for Yasmim to pick up the guitar and show off some of the notes she’s playing in class.


Recommended minutes to practice: 15-20 min/day

What to practice: Look at the next examples in the Hal Leonard Book.

How to practice it most effectively: Check off any examples you think are ready, and bring in any that are a bit more challenging. Use a metronome and go line by line for more difficult sections.

Have a good week everyone!