Hello Everybody!

As you know, we’ve started our Saturday 11:00 a.m. classes at our Wychwood location, inside Hop, Skip, Jump.

We are, however, a bit short on class numbers, so we’d like to invite existing registered families to join us for some or all of the remaining classes this fall.  This is a great opportunity for Monday families to come together, and to also have a whole family outing as the weather turns less outdoorsy.  That, and the Wychwood Barns market is also next door, for a great way to spend your Saturday mornings this fall.

As always, if you have some friends that may be interested, they can certainly come to 1 class as a free demo (you get multiples because you’re already registered!).

If you’d like to come, please give us a call right away at 416-651-7529.  You can take a chance and just show up, but we do limit the number of kids per class.

Thanks, and we hope to see you there!


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