Hi Team,

We’re hard at work on the Fall schedule.  The summer will follow, too.  You should all be able to see the bookings you have at the moment.  There will be substantial change for many of you as we get closer to the fall, but for most of you, this is old hat.

There are a number of things going on behind the scenes, as well, and we’ll update you on those as they develop.  Be sure you block off the fall meeting now.  I recommend penciling it in from noon onwards – I hope to do some additional things, and it will require extra time.  We will likely still have a late afternoon and evening get together, but timing will depend on many things that are in flux.  I will get more specific as soon as possible.

When we get to the fall reporting season, you will notice that there are 2 new categories to fill in for the reports; Lesson Day, and Lesson Time.  These are part of our effort to streamline our lesson length increases and eliminate paper.  For you it is two additional – small-ish – steps, but the effect on the front desk is to streamline the scheduling effort when you make a recommendation for a longer (or shorter, as we discovered this year!) length for your students.  We appreciate the extra seconds you’ll put into this, and we hope that it will mean faster turn-around times for increasing lengths, and re-registrations.

I would encourage you all to check your fall and summer schedules, and to be sure to ask those students for whom there are no appointments: “Will we see you this summer and in the fall?”.  If you ask me or Marta, we can provide you with the names of those students that have declined for the summer (and/or fall), so you don’t make it redundant.  If they indicate that they want to do that, just let me know, and we’ll follow up with them ASAP.  To be clear, we’ve been chasing people down, but some families are a bit slow to get their voicemail, so it is great to corner them while you have them captive, so to speak.

Thanks, and more soon!