York Guardian’s 2013 Readers’ Choice Contest

For the second year running ABC Academy has been nominated in the York Guardian’s Readers’ Choice Awards.  We are delighted to be so well thought of in the community, and are flattered to have been nominated (We’re not entirely sure how that process works, but someone clearly likes us, so thank you!).

Please help!

Like last year, we would like to ask you to help us by taking a couple of minutes to vote for us.  When you start the survey, you can skip over the various options, or you can choose to find us right away.  We’re on page 3, #53.

Thank you!

We really appreciate the time you take to help us make ABC an excellent place, whether it by helping us win a contest, or by giving us your feedback.  We hope you are having an excellent summer, and don’t forget to take the time to play a little music!