Hello Everybody!

We are fast approaching March Break, and Easter.  Both will affect our teaching schedule.  If you don’t have the schedule at home on your fridge, download it now.  Someone always shows up on long weekends or holidays, so just remember that those are times we don’t normally have classes (the exception being the first weekend of March Break).

There are no classes on the following dates:

  • March 17, 18, 19, 31
  • April 1, 2

Please take note!

Spring classes including the Triangle (Music Together) and Jaguar (Rhythm Kids) collections start on your regular day/time on or after April 7th!


You Are Registered for Spring

Remember that your spot is already reserved for spring classes, and you don’t need to do anything, just keep coming to classes, and get ready for some exciting new music!

If you cannot continue in the spring for any reason, please call the office so we may properly adjust your billing and registration.

Spaces in Classes & Saving for Your RESPs

We have spaces in our classes and would love to fill them.  Take advantage of our RESP partner program by referring your friends and we’ll partner with you and your friend, on your childrens’ future by giving you back 20% of your tuition through June which you can then get an additional 20% matched by the federal government.  Everyone wins!  Remember, you can do this as many times as you want in a school year, and also year to year.  As long as your friend tells us your name, you’ll both get the discount!

Did Someone Turn 4?

If your child has turned 4, or is getting close, then it is time to start thinking about Rhythm Kids!  Rhythm Kids continues the Music Together journey with old favourites, and new music, and starts to explore larger instruments, activities, games, structures, home video learning, and more.  We have been running rammed classes since we started in September, and are super excited about this next step in your musical journey.

Rhythm Kids Previews: We don’t want to keep all of this fun from you in Music Together classes, so we always do a Rhythm Kids preview week in Week 8.  You’ll get to play Djembes, dance, and play along to some of the amazing new music in Rhythm Kids.  Visit the Rhythm Kids page on our website to find out more and see some videos.

Rhythm Kids Stuff


If you haven’t looked at your Hello Everybody app, or logged into the Family Music Zone recently, you’re missing out!  There are now a total of 6 videos.

You’ll notice they have been added over pairs of weeks so you can play along with new videos every two weeks at home.  Take advantage for Jaguar collection, which starts in April!

Do You Need a Drum for the Home Play-Along Videos?

There is no better way to build focus, dexterity and motor skills, than engaging at home.  Since your tuition includes access to the home learning videos, you should try to take advantage!  If you want, you can rent a drum from ABC for $14.97/month, or find one on your own.  You can also use a pillow, table, pot, or anything, really.  The important thing is to take some time and dive into the videos.

Level II Class Update

We hope to start our Level II classes either over the summer or in the fall.  For the most part our Level I kiddos are still getting acclimatized, but we can tell that the older ones will soon be ready for bigger challenges and games!  In Level II you do need to have a drum at home, since part of the program is that rhythm patterns are taught physically on the drum, alongside some basic music literacy.  There are some neat new videos in the pipeline for this, and we’re working on ABC-specific classroom tools, as well.