Great lessons, you two, now put into practice (literally;) what we worked on, and both your piano-playing abilities are sure to have gone up a level by next time!!


Practice each piece in slow motion, keeping your wrists high, LISTEN to how the ‘backslap’ brightens the sound as you articulate keys.  And, ‘backslap’ even quicker off the keys when doing staccatos!!  For ‘Rain Dance’, remember to MOVE your body to the strong beats, even during the rests.


Dear, I had no idea you still don’t have quick recognition of white keys on the keyboard and their names.   My bad.  Please practice the ‘note-naming game’ like we did in the lesson, EVERY DAY until naming the white keys becomes easy.  And then, locate the lines and spaces of the treble and bass clef staffs to the white keys on the keyboard, until this becomes easy as well.

Way to remember treble and bass clef lines and spaces, reading in order from bottom to top:

Treble Clef lines: Every Good Butterfly Deserves Fun

Treble Clef Spaces: F – A – C – E

Bass Clef lines: Good Butterflies Deserve Fun Always

Bass Clef Spaces: All Cows Eat Grass