Hi Everyone,

Riker’s assignment for this week is to practice Ba Ba Black Sheep.

For young students especially – supervised practice sessions are encouraged (15-20 min / day).  He can play all of the notes in the song at this point and knows where they are on guitar, he just needs to spend some time playing through each line and getting used to playing notes on the guitar.

A suggestion for this week is to have him work on each line individually.  There are 6 lines in the song – but the last two are the same as the first two – so there are just 4 different lines to practice.

Here is a suggested practice routine:

  1. Line one – play three times
  2. Line two – play three times
  3. Line three – play three times
  4. Line four – play three times
  5. Repeat and see if you can get through steps 1-4 three times in total for a 15 min practice session.

Emphasize that he should be playing slow enough that he can take his time and play clear notes – and that it will get faster but there is no rush at this point.

Have a good week and happy practicing!