Hi everyone,

Next week I will be out of town so you will have a substitute drum teacher. His name is Adam. He’s a very friendly guy and I have told him about what each of you are working on. Here are your practice assignments for this week:


Review each of the drum beats that we worked on this week. Focus on keeping a steady speed when you play. Also, practice counting out loud so that you always know where you are within each bar of music. Listen to the song Supersonic by Oasis and practice playing along in time with the song. This will help you to get prepared for the recital.


Keep working on Paradise. It’s sounding really good, but still needs a bit of work to develop consistency. In the middle section (the Bridge) be sure that you listen carefully to the music so that you stay in time. When you do the build up on the snare and floor tom, be sure to start softly and finish loudly – this will create drama with the music! Also, practice the rhythm exercises that I wrote down in your book.


Practice the two new drum beats that we worked on this week. Count the rhythm of the bass drum and snare drum parts out loud while you play: “1 2 3 & 4” or “1 2 & 3 4.” Focus on keeping a steady speed while you play. Also, practice playing along with the songs We Will Rock You by Queen and Hey Jude by the Beatles. Listen very carefully to the music while you play so that you can stay together with the song.