Good work everyone!

Marlowe – You’re going to work on singing the entire Solfege scale using hand signs up and down. You will also work on the assigned page in the Full Voice workbook, and on singing Alouette with lyrics and hand signs together! 10 minutes practice a day.

Mia -Welcome! So pleased to have had the honour of giving you your very first private music lesson! You’re working on the three finger exercises I assigned (you can practice those sneakily any time during your day), and pp. 6 and 7 in the Alfred book when you pick it up! So excited to have you in the studio! 10 minutes practice a day.

Samara – Hope your voice is feeling better! You’re working on finding a new piece that fits into your voice range from the musical theatre genre. On Black Coffee, you’re going to ‘lift’ a musical lick from each of the singers we listened to in class today to expand your jazz vocabulary. Try lip trilling rather than singing full out while your voice is still not in full form. 20 minutes practice a day (when you’re well).


Paula – you can begin Besame Mucho this week, working to the end of bar 16.  Keep working on the breathing exercises!

Olivia – Starting Castle on a Cloud this week.  Learn on text to the end of the second ending.  Also new exercise for you – [si, sa, so, su, se]. Make sure your core muscles are engaged right to the end of singing!


Great work this week, everyone!