Hi everyone,

Here are your practice assignments for this week:


Keep working on the two beats from “Can’t Stop” by the Chili Peppers. Try to play both beats at the speed of the song (listen to thong if you need a reminder). With the chorus beat, focus on the placement of the crashes within the beat. Count it in your head while you play: 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &


Practice the jazz rhythms that we worked on in your lesson. Keep a steady beat with your right hand on the ride cymbal and with both of your feet. Then read the rhythms from your book with your left hand on the snare drum. Take it slowly at first, then after it starts to feel easier, take it a little faster.


Practice the jazz rhythms that we worked on this week. Use #s 1-10 from last week as a warm up and see if you can move seamlessly from one rhythm to the next without a break. Then practice the four bar phrases that are new this week. Try to read through them without stopping even if you make a mistake. It’s better to keep going until the end and then go back to fix the mistake.


Great first lesson, Josh! This week you should review the things that we worked on together: quarter notes and eighth notes, the different rhythm combinations, and the snare drum/bass drum exercises. Try playing each exercises at different speeds – slow, medium, and fast – and focus on maintaining the accuracy of the rhythm.


Practice playing the crash cymbal on the first note of your drum beats. Remember to only hit the crash once. Also, practice playing drum fills using sixteenth notes and then playing the crash at the end of the fill when you go back to the beat. Finally, review the new rhythm combinations that we worked on this week.