Recommended minutes to practice: 5 minutes a day

What to practice: Let’s keep working on You Are My Sunshine we’re so close to finishing it up! You did such a good job this week on that, so next week I want to play the whole thing. Also we worked on the C chord and the A minor chord.

How to practice it most effectively: Sing Sing Sing! Sing along as you play you are my sunshine, we are so close to being finished!


Recommended minutes to practice: 15 minutes a day

What to practice: Keep working on that Wish You Were Here solo that’s really coming along, the slides sound a lot better, now it’s time to work on bending. Keep on practicing those chords for the verse.

How to practice it most effectively: Take a small section of the solo and play it really slowly and then move onto the next, this will really let you zoom in on specific problems.


Recommended minutes to practice: 15 minutes a day

What to practice: We worked on Number of the Beast this week, this one is a challenging tune so just practice chugging on that power chord until it sounds good, you’ll have to use your pick to practice this.

How to practice it most effectively: Slow and steady wins the race, make sure you’re getting a good sound and using the correct picking pattern. This will slowly seep into your muscle memory and everything will become much easier to play. 


Recommended minutes to practice: 20 minutes a day

What to practice: We really shedded those chords so make sure this week you keep doing that and remember their names. Also lift the melody that Frank Sintara sings. Also see if you can find some material to sight read at home.

How to practice it most effectively: Lifting Sinatra’s version will help with your phrasing and time. Transcribing is one of the key elements in becoming a better musician.