You’ve been doing a great job so far with all the trumpet playing we’ve been doing together. Just a couple notes on what to work on during the week. 

Breathing is the first thing that happens before you play trumpet. When you take a breath, be sure to feel like the air is filling from the bottom of your lungs, upward – like a glass of water. Don’t overfill, but you want to have enough gas in the tank to support your sound and play for a while! 

Keep on working on the mouthpiece buzzing! Although it isn’t the most musical experience, there are ways to spice it up; you can entertain yourself and get more comfortable on the mouthpiece all at once. 

Buzz loud & soft, high & low and remember to incorporate your tongue every once in a while too. 

When you get onto the horn, really try focusing on getting the Low C together. Keep the lips tight and blow a steady stream of air through the horn. You can even use the piano to hear the note before you play it (although on piano you would have to play a Bb). Once we have that, then we will be able to do so many more things in our lessons.   

Here’s a link to a couple playlists I made specifically for my students. You’ll hear the trumpet being played at a high level, in a bunch of different genres. This is meant to inspire, and feed your ear all the stuff it needs to produce a good sound.



Have fun!