KATHELINE – The piece we were working on this lesson was Solfeggietto by C.P.E. Bach. Here is a link to the pdf: http://hz.imslp.info/files/imglnks/usimg/f/f5/IMSLP02573-Bach,_CPE_-_Solfeggietto.pdf Other than that, there are some valuable resources at your disposal…try the Functional Ear Trainer App to help develop your ear. Pick songs (folk songs, kid’s songs, any simple melody) and figure out chords that go underneath them, also to develop your ear. Listen to a lot of music and find repertoire you are interested in learning. Figure out who your favourite composers and artists are, and learn their music. If you don’t already have the Brown Scale Book, get it, it’s an excellent resource for practicing technical exercises.

GAVIN – I have been guiding you through the technical and musicianship requirements for RCM prepatory A. You can find the syllabus online (RCM piano syllabus 2015), and just scroll down to prepatory A. You can use the syllabus as a guide for what to work on, and learn the pieces from the repertoire book for the corresponding grade. You can also pick songs that you know and figure out your own simplified way to play them on the piano (just hold the chord in the left hand and play the melody with the right hand, for example). Experiment, but don’t try to get too complex at the expense of the basics. And don’t forget form. You need a firm bridge of your hand, a firm wrist, a relaxed arm, curved fingers, etc…


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