Katheline – Work on all major and minor (harmonic and melodic) scales. Focusing on noticing the relationship between the minors and their relative majors. ie, G natural minor and Bb major share all the same notes, and you only have to alter 1 or 2 to get harmonic or melodic minor. Also, push forward in both books.

Daniel – Work on the songs from the book, and also work on C-D-E-F-G-F-E-D-C with both hands.

Gavin – Work on legato and staccato pentascales in C, G and D major, as well as A minor. Quarter note = 100BPM with the metronome. Broken chord sequence in C major, with 3 notes per click at 60BPM. Solid chord sequence in C major in half notes at 72BPM.

Yoan – Work on playing to Ms. Jackson. Practice isolating limbs (just right hand, just right foot, just left hand) or combinations of limbs (just hands, just right side, etc.). Pay close attention to making sure each part of the beat lines up together. Soundcorset metronome and tuner is an excellent app, I highly recommend using it. Additionally, see if you can find other songs that a similar beat would work over. Any genre.