Good end to the semester (for the most part), guys!  Now, make the most of the time over the holidays (if you have it), practice, and further your piano skills!!  Happy holidays!!!


A little practice goes a long way, case in point, this week’s dramatic improvement from last week!  Can’t wait to see where your piano playing is at in 4 weeks.  MOVE with your body to aid and ‘increase the powers’ of your finger/P.A. (playing apparatus) articulation — the variation in sounds — you can make.  Moving/being fluid with your body movements and its range, is a challenge for you, as we discovered the reason why today.  So, make exploring this movement a priority as you practice over the holidays.


Forgetting your study book today led to a discovery — your music-reading abilities are not as good as I thought they were!  So, in addition to what we covered this past Saturday, please sight-read (trying to play music correctly from reading off the sheet for the first time) as much as possible over the holidays like we did today.  The more you do it, the better your music-reading will get!


Oh dear, dear, dear.  Your focus and sticking to the task in lessons has gotten worse and worse over this year.  Your practice time at home has been hit and miss, and overall, not enough to progress more than the bare minimum.  Please, change your behavior in the lessons for next year, and if possible, practice more frequently on your own at home.


Yes, if you have time to practice over the holidays, please do as much as you can!!  Remember to record yourself playing, then compare with the recordings of your songs I did for you, figure out what you’re doing wrong, then, using GOOD PRACTICE METHODS, try to match your playing in the same way as mine.