Great lessons today, you two, and good seeing you guys again after my long absence.


It’s an excellent thing getting lessons from another teacher once in awhile.  A new perspective on the same challenges can bring new light on the situations.  Remember, RHYTHM IS KING in music, so one must always not only be vigilant in following exactly what’s written on the page, and being aware of the rhythmic structure (where the STRONG BEATS lie) of the piece (and if this changes throughout the piece), but also KEEPING A STEADY TEMPO, even while practicing in slow motion.  Good practice methods are also key to learning a piece efficiently and properly.

Minutes to practice: 45 minutes per day (especially that you’re in summer mode now, unless you go on vacation, of course;)
What to practice: All of your remaining songs starting with ‘Chanson’.  And, try the new songs in the Motown book I gave you (listen to them in YouTube first to get an idea on how they go).
How to practice it most effectively: As written above.
How parents can support practice: Check in on Mazin regularly to see how his practice is going.


Great job again today, Jiwon!!  Really focus this week on keeping your left hand ‘claw’ (thumb between 2nd and 3rd fingers, away from the neck) and arm in an arch (elbow forward) as you play ALWAYS so that you can focus on making your bow strokes AS SOSTENUTO AS POSSIBLE.  And, remember, short, fast separated strokes (8th notes in the case of your current exercises) should also be done with flexible bow fingers, maintaining the straight bow.

Minutes to practice: 60 minutes per day.
What to practice: The exercises with today’s date written before them.
How to practice it most effectively: Be determined, don’t get frustrated (take breaks when you feel agitation/loss of focus mounting), simply breathe, and analyze everything you are doing.  FOCUS ON YOUR SOUND PRODUCTION (and intonation).