Hi, everyone!


  • Keep doing the breath exercises, steady air flow
  • Listen to Sumi Jo sing Italian Arias for inspiration!
  • Concone No. 1 – revise, think good flow of breath, use core muscles
  • when singing your songs, think: breathe in at a steady tempo (not too quick), more space and wider vowels for long notes


Recital piece: Clementi – Allegro, Czerny No. 1


Well done on your theory work!

piano pieces – page 38 & 39, new! Keep counting to make sue you’re playing accurately.

Recommended practice: at least 3 times a week, 20mins each time


Recital piece – Madrid

Recommended practice: at least 5 times a week, 30mins each time


Pg. 44 & 45 ( music track 22) – revise, make sure to play while singing the note names. Remember that the :|| sign at the end of the song means that you are supposed to repeat the song. So, play twice.

Gianna’s Rainbow Song – the notes for the whole song is at the back of your Rainbow Paper. Make sure to place your right hand fingers on C-D-E before you start playing. Use your left hand to point at the letter names and sing the letter names as you play!

pg. 48 & 49 (music track 24) – new! Make sure to check your starting positions on the piano. Sing the letter names as you play.

pg. 50 & 51 (music track 26) – new! Remember to hold down the half notes for two counts. Refer to page 46 for half notes, if you need a revision.

lets choose a piece for your recital on April 29!

Recommended practice: at least 3 times a week, 15mins each time


Bach Minuet – practice HT, with repeats. Use metronome at 60.

Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata – Work on the next section. Slow practice, especially when coordinating the melody and accompaniment in the RH. Write in the LH notes for the last line.

Handel – have a look at RH notes, please bring in the music

New song – work on LH passing notes, RH smooth chord progressions. Remember to sing while playing to develop multitasking skills.

Recommended practice: daily, at least 30mins each time


– Traffic Jam: done!

– This is not a Christmas Song! NEW!

– will you be available for April 29 recital? If yes, we need to plan our recital piece!


will you be available for April 29 recital? If yes, we need to plan our recital piece!

– well done on new composition!

– video game piece – practice switching back and forth on those chords and melody lines

– New Piece: hands together, make sure to curve fingers while keeping wrist even.