Hi, everyone!


Missed you this week – hope you had a good trip. Here’s a reminder for next week’s lesson:

Keep doing the breath exercises, steady air flow
Listen to Sumi Jo sing Italian Arias for inspiration!
Concone No. 1 – revise, think good flow of breath, use core muscles
when singing your songs, think: breathe in at a steady tempo (not too quick), more space and wider vowels for long notes


Focus on a detailed practice, like the one we discussed below. Write up a plan for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Use the reminders I wrote as a guide on the goals for each item.

Recital piece: Clementi – Allegro, Czerny No. 1


Well done on your theory work!

Make sure to follow the steps in your notebook when you’re practicing pg. 29 & 30 at home.

Recommended practice: at least 3 times a week, 20mins each time


Recital piece – Madrid

Recommended practice: at least 5 times a week, 30mins each time


**Pg. 44 & 45 ( music track 22) – Little Lost Kitty. revise, make sure to play while singing the note names. Remember that the :|| sign at the end of the song means that you are supposed to repeat the song. So, play twice.

Gianna’s Rainbow Song – the notes for the whole song is at the back of your Rainbow Paper. Make sure to place your right hand fingers on C-D-E before you start playing. Use your left hand to point at the letter names and sing the letter names as you play!

**pg. 48 & 49 (music track 24) – Monsieur Mouse. Make sure to check your starting positions on the piano. Sing the letter names as you play.

pg. 50 & 51 (music track 26) – revise. Remember to hold down the half notes for two counts.

** we have decided that you’d like to perform these two pieces for your recital on April 29! We have one more lesson before the recital, so I encourage you to have daily practice at home in order for you to enjoy your performance experience with confidence!

Recommended practice: daily practice, 15mins each time


Bach Minuet – practice HT, with repeats. Use metronome at 60.

Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata – Work on the next section. Slow practice, especially when coordinating the melody and accompaniment in the RH. Write in the LH notes for the last line.

Handel – have a look at RH notes, please bring in the music

New song – focus on verse 2. Make sure to work out the rhythmic coordination of RH, LH and singing!

Recommended practice: daily, at least 30mins each time


– Traffic Jam: focus on memory work, joining notes, curve fingers.

– This is not a Christmas Song! DONE


– recital piece – focus on coordinating RH & LH as the rhythm is tricky. Remember how we planned the repeats and octave shifts for this piece…plus the ending.