Hi, everyone! Reminder: Cicy Chen will be subbing for me next week as I will be having my doctoral defence exam. Do check out her teacher profile on the website. Therefore, LESSONS ARE ON AS USUAL!


  • Keep doing the breath exercises, steady air flow
  • breathe in on the same vowel shape that you are singing out on
  • long notes: think pulling an exercise band
  • breathe after a phrase: think spring!
  • use the emotion of the lyrics to help you sing

see you in 2 weeks !


  • Czerny 1: work on ironing out the fingering and missed notes. Keep practicing with metronome.
  • Czerny 2: hands together. We need to do more progress on this, so start with this, then more to No. 1 after that.
  • Clementi (Allegro): work on steadiness of tempo…with a metronome. Length of notes – careful about accidentally making short notes too short. Articulation needs work.
  • Clementi (Andante): hands together, first page. Separate hands, second page.
  • Theory: pages 50-54



  • Alouette: count the long notes, and keep looking ahead in the music to avoid stopping or mistakes in playing
  • bass clef and treble clef notes: starting from middle C, play each note upwards (Right hand) and downwards (left hand) while saying the letter names

Recommended practice: at least 3 times a week, 20mins each time


Please purchase the new theory book: RCM level 2. You can order it online on amazon and have it delivered to you: https://www.amazon.ca/Celebrate-Theory-Royal-Conservatory-Music/dp/1554408059

Recommended practice: at least 5 times a week, 30mins each time


Missed you these 2 weeks! Here’s a reminder of things to practice on at home.

  • Pg. 38 & 39, music track 20 – revise! Remember: RH plays notes with stem up, LH plays notes with stem down.
  • Pg. 40 & 41, music track 21 – new! Remember: RH plays notes with stem up, LH plays notes with stem down. Also, we repeat page 40 for 3 times before we go to page 41. (Repeat sign =   :|| )
  • Pg. 42 – new! We are now exploring white keys! Make sure they are the white keys just below the 2 black keys. Remember to say C – D – E when you play them!
  • Gianna’s Rainbow Song – the first part of the song is on the first page of your piano book. Make sure to place your fingers on C-D-E before you start playing. Sing the letter names as you play!

Recommended practice: at least 3 times a week, 15mins each time


  • Bach Minuet – practise the first half hands together, second half hands together if possible.
  • Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata – Work on the next section. Slow practice, especially when coordinating the melody and accompaniment in the RH.
  • please bring in a notebook for next lesson onwards
  • Handel – have a look at RH notes, please bring in the music
  • Practice new song – try singing while accompanying yourself, new chords.

Keep a consistent practice schedule. Use the one we put together in our lesson. Consistent practice leads to consistent progress in piano skills.

Recommended practice: daily, at least 30mins each time



– Mozart’s Five Names: DONE!

– Paper Airplane: DONE!

– The Juggler: new! Practice hands together slowly, be careful of crossovers.



– alpine melody: DONE!

– Loch Ness Monster: DONE!

– March of the English Guard: new! Separate hands practice, then hands together



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