Okay guys, great lessons today, both of you!!


Good on you today, Maz, wanting to get back into technique and your knowledge thereof!  Please count OUT LOUD as you practice difficult sections in slow motion.  And, please, in a STEADY TEMPO!!

Minutes to practice: 45 minutes per day.
What to practice: As well as the songs listed in your book, Kickin’ It!
How to practice it most effectively: As I described above.
How parents can support practice: Check in on Mazin, and keep him accountable!!


Three *** for you!!!  Awesome job today — you made your first cello breakthrough this past week.  And, you did this with just 3 hours of practice?!  Imagine if you practiced 6 or 7 hours!

Minutes to practice: 60 minutes per day.
What to practice: Go as far as I assigned, and further if you want!
How to practice it most effectively: 1. pizz difficult L.H. sections 2. arco




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