Good lessons guys, more practicing, please!!!


The above especially applies to you, sir!  And, disciplined practicing (disciplined with following the correct rhythm and articulation that is;), at that, please.


A little practicing goes a long way, your fingers are really starting to get a handle on the fingerboard.  Good job.  Shifting from 1st to 1st finger is good, but from 4th to 4th, remember you have to keep the string down with your 4th AND 3rd fingers as you shift.  Make sure you’re applying your arm weight through your arch to press the strings down.  Remember, if you are out-of-tune on a note, shift your finger until it is in tune while you’re still playing the note!


One more lesson and week before you return the cello, so make it count!!  Continue to practice your exercises assigned in the manner we did today, and go further if you can/like.  I want to send you off with at least the basics of bow and finger work.


Remember to KEEP YOUR CLAWS, playing on fingertips while playing, and to ‘walk’ from finger to finger, note to note.  And, to sit up straight, chest sticking out, and to ALWAYS keep the correct indicated rhythm (a quarter note = 1 count, a half note = 2 counts, etc.)



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