Well, both of you today have made clear that piano is not right for you, but whichever you instrument you decide to eventually take up, remember, if you don’t work at it (practice), you will end up feeling the same about your next instrument of choice!!  In order to ‘play’ music, musicians have to work!!


Well, one more lesson.  It’s been a trying yet fun year with you, despite your not taking to the piano or reading music.  I do think voice is a good choice for you, as you are so delightfully expressive, and can’t be bothered by note-reading.  However, to sing well takes practice too, and one must be able to sing in public ~ for that is the whole point of being a musician, to share one’s musical gifts with others, live.


As for you young sir.  You are too young to play a real guitar – not for another few years, in fact.  So, why not use this time developing good practice habits, and exploring the fundamentals of music?!  If you do so, when you take up the guitar, you will be far ahead of where you start musically if you did not otherwise.  So, please practice at least 15 minutes everyday, and aim for 3 red or blue stars in the lessons from now on!!!