Avril – Pentascales (all), full scales (C, G, D, E, a natural minor), chord sequence (C, G, F, a, e, d).

Haven – Work on reading rhythms from the book in quarter notes and half notes. Any piece that consists of quarter notes and half notes is something you should practice reading.

Maleeya – Work on ‘The Crocodile’. Remember that the second line starts on A, not C!!

Julie – Work on Sicilienne, the Bach invention, the Chopin prelude, scales (C, G, D, A, E), broken chords and blocked chords (C, F, G).

Kristen – All technical exercises we have been working on, but more importantly, go to hear some live jazz! Also: take another look at the Gymnopedie, see how far into it you can get. Try to improvise variations on a familiar and simple melody.

Tanya – Continue working with the Functional Ear Trainer app. Continue working on ‘Crazy’. Try to figure out ‘O Canada’ by ear. Pentascales in legato and staccato articulation in F, C, G, D, A, E, and B. Broken chord sequence in C only.



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