Daniel – Play the C-D-E song with crossing hands. Experiment with it. Try playing it backwards. See what other creative ideas you might have. Also play “Merrily We Roll Along” and “Old MacDonald”, paying special attention to RHYTHM.

Oscar – Pick a song (any song) and try to figure out the chords by ear. Come back next week with your findings. Was it difficult? Easy? Why? Reflect on your experience. Also, revisit hand position, pentascales, and broken chords from last year.

Avril – Practice the following exercises: 2 octave scales (major: Bb, F, C, G, D; natural AND melodic minor: g, d, a, e, b); triad sequence both broken and solid (same keys as scales). Work on playing and singing ‘Duke’s Place’ or ‘C Jam Blues’. Listen to a bunch of recording and when you come back let me know your top 3 favourites.