Hello everyone! Thanks for working with me today, it was great to see you all! Here are some things you can do to show Jonny how well you did this week.

Aidan– Great job today, some real improvement from Tuesday. Good luck at your audition!! Get a good rest and have a nice warm up in the morning based on the sheet I gave you in the lesson. You’re gonna be great. For next week.

WillMinutes to practice: 45
What to practice: Beats and fills with metronome on the offbeat at different tempi. Work on giving a little extra weight to the hi hat on the beats to give it a funkier feel. Learn beats 11 and 12 from the sheet.

ElliotMinutes to practice: 30
What to practice- Beat number 2 from last week, and the new beats I wrote down for you.
How to practice: Use a metronome to help you stay in time, and occasionally throw some fills in there for fun. If a pattern gives you trouble, try to isolate the sections that are difficult. Then, work on pairs of instruments (snare and kick, hi hat and kick, and so on.

OscarMinutes to practice: 45
What to practice: Funky Drummer, get the beat right, then try to get the accents onto the beats on the hi hat to get funkier.
How to practice: Slowly! Try to separate the groove into chunks and practice those, then group it together.

AlexyMinutes to practice: 45
What to practice: New beats with open hi hats. They are pretty tricky but with some good focused practice you’ll get them sounding good. When you have the beats down, try to play them, then a fill, then basck into the beat.
How to practice: Slowly! Try to separate the groove into chunks and practice those, then group it together.

Nate-  Minutes to practice: 45
What to practice: BAD! and Blame it on the Boogie
How to practice: Listen to the tunes and internalize the grooves. Then find out where all the variations are. Play the grooves slowly, then work them up to tempo and play along with the tracks.

Great job everyone! I hope to work with you again soon. Keep up the good work!!!



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