Hello all,

Here is this week’s homework:


This week we continued to look at “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor. The main focus here is to get into feeling the 16th notes over the quarter note pulse. To do this, put the metronome on a comfortable tempo for a quarter note pulse. Start to play quarter notes along with it. The note choices are up to you. Next, try to break it down into eighth notes and then sixteenth notes. You can also try to practice this along with a recording of the song.


This week we looked at notes of the G string. G and A. We also looked at a short “Etude” in your guitar book. Take a look at this melody for next week.

We also looked at “Whatever it Takes” by Imagine Dragons, specifically the chorus line. Right now we are practicing only the bass notes of the chord. Try to play alone with a recording of the song and focus on switching notes with the song.


Have a great week everyone!