Hi Olivia and Bohan, here is your homework for the last week of September! You are both doing excellent work with your violin. Please bear with me, I am using my phone to post this( hope it is pretty clear) let me know if you have any questions …

Olivia practice time: 30min/day ( we will talk about this)

Schedule: exercises/ scales for 15min/day

songs for 15 min/day.

Double stop  exercise: more bow weight on open string. Practice Skye boat song with drones ( open G) starting on D

If sound is crunchy, use more bow speed.

Practice G major scale 2 otaves 4 notes/ bow slurred. Note finger pattern: on G and D string 2nd and 3rd finger are close. On A and E string 1st and 2nd finger are close. This scale is the warm- up for ” my heart will go on.”

Song” my heart will go on” : imagine the sound you want and then experiment using different bow speed, pressure and sounding point. If sound is crunchy use more bow speed. Watch that bow is parallel to bridge.

As a warm- up to ” he’s a pirate” practice A major scale in 2 octaves. Note finger pattern on G and D string is 3rd and 4th finger close ( new book lesson 27)

Song ” he’s a pirate”: practice song slowly and count rhythm. Practice finding first note C sharp. Think in intervals ( as if playing on 1 string). Practice slowly and gradually increase tempo.

Practice left hand finger independence exercise. Practice slowly keeping fourth finger down on E string while keeping thumb lose.

Happy Practicing. Looking forward to Sunday!


Bohan, you are learning two new bow strokes in preparation for playing the Bach double concerto : the martele bow stroke and the detache.

Practice martele bow stroke slowly at tip

Pressure ( rests)  release ( play note). Remember that part of the bow stroke is the string crossing. Release each stroke quickly in an arched direction similar to shape of the bow.

Practice Kreutzer study( octaves) and Tartini ( the art of bowing). Then practice martele solo passage in Bach double concerto.

Also practice detached bow stroke.Note: at point of each bow change add a slight increase of speed and weight by dipping the bow shaft into bow hair producing an expressive , cushiony accent. Aim for a legato sound with no pauses between downbows and upbows. Keep bow on same plane ( no angles).

Practice detached bow stroke in Bach double concerto: bars 1, 4, 5, 6,7.

Practice Kites study ( 2 and position), Ostinello’s Reel ( 3rd position, Grasshopper ( 4th position).

Next lesson I will bring score and we will discuss phrasing in Bach concerto.

Practice strokes and exercises a few minutes each/ day. Spend half your practice time on concerto.


Happy practicing. Looking forward to seeing you Sunday! We will look at score of concerto, discuss staccato bowing and phrasing in Bach concerto.